The GYM project has two main results.

Result 1 - T-Kits

Result 1 - T-Kits

The first result that the partners working on the GYM project want to achieve is the creation of educational materials called Training Kits (T-Kits). These are short and easy-to-use thematic educational materials designed for training and helping young people acquire the necessary knowledge to become more environmentally aware. Each T-Kit will include information about:
● Green narratives
● Reducing the digital and physical footprint
● Active citizenship and engagement in environmental activities
● Youth work and sustainability
● Green meetings and events
● Informal and non-formal training
The T-Kits will be available to the wider public and will be translated into all the partner languages.
Result 2 - Training program

Result 2 - Training program

The second result that the GYM partners want to achieve is the creation of a Youth Workers training program developed through the resources produced during the previous phase (T-Kits). The goal of this training is to support the development of youth workers’ international competencies and the internalisation and performance of youth organisations.
The training will be web-based and will include monthly sessions dedicated to T-Kits’ specific aspects. The training program will last for 6 months, with a total of 5 online training sessions. Moreover, course materials and offline activities will also be available to the participants.
The numeric goal is to involve at least 25 people divided into:
● 15 people reached during the online sessions
● 10 people reached offline by the partners