Kick start of the GYM project

December 2023 marked the beginning of GYM, a European-funded project about the importance of fostering a new generation of sustainability-responsible people. In these first months of implementation, the project’s partners have taken their first steps towards the realisation of the project’s goals.

The project’s acronym stands for Greening Youth Minds and results from the coordinated efforts of five partners: TIA Formazione Internazionale AssociazioneAcademy of Entrepreneurship Astiki EtaireiaOrganisation EarthInstituto IKIGAI, and ENT Training Vision Ireland.

Now more than ever, raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection is imperative: 2023 was the hottest year on record, with each summer month surpassing the other. The environmental strain that human activity is causing is unbearable and we must give young people the instruments to face this challenge.

GYM’s main goal is to empower youth organisations and youth workers with sustainability-related knowledge to promote environmental protection, raise awareness of environmental risks, and help youths become active and conscious citizens.

GYM’s partners aim to do that by achieving two main results. The first one is the creation of a series of so-called GYM T-Kits, which are short and easy-to-use educational materials focused on specific themes. The second result is the development of a six-month Youth Workers training programme about the topics covered in the toolkits as well as five online training sessions.

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