Green meetings & events

As the Greening Youth Minds (GYM) project has been underway for several months now, it is the perfect time to shed some light on one of the T-Kits that is being created from our valuable partnership! More specifically, it’s time to discuss and put into practice the essence of our project, which is to provide youth organizations and youth workers with the essential knowledge and skills to lead and initiate green actions. One significant approach to achieving this is by educating youth workers on the importance of organizing Green Meetings & Events.

A green meeting is defined as a “meeting that incorporates environmental considerations throughout all its stages in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment.” This involves taking steps to minimize waste at every planning level of the event or meeting through practices like recycling, composting, and avoiding disposable items. Additionally, it involves decreasing energy consumption and using products with post-consumer recycled content as well as food that is organic, local, or fair trade.

On a practical level, a meeting can be considered ‘’greener’’ when hosted at a venue that is easily accessible by public transport and when it uses only reusable materials for eating and drinking, thereby eliminating waste entirely. Even for small partner meetings, it is important to save both economical and environmental resources. This practice also aligns with one of the project’s core proposals for promoting environmental sustainability.

It is essential to recognize that small actions matter too and can bring a significant impact to local communities! Every step, no matter how small, contributes to the larger goal of environmental conservation. Can’t wait to see more as our project continues to make strides!