Development of Greening Youth Minds Training Kits

The GYM project partners are diligently making the final preparations for the work that will commence after the summer break. The GYM toolkits (WP2) have now been completed, marking a significant milestone in our project. With this achievement, we are now on course to prepare the training for youth workers, an essential component of our initiative.

The primary goal of WP3 – Training Youth Workers – is to support the competence development of youth workers who are working internationally. Through their enhanced skills and knowledge, these youth workers will be able to improve the international presence and performance of youth organizations, making them more effective in promoting environmental sustainability on a global scale.

The training program will be meticulously based on the themes selected for the toolkits, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience. The themes include:

  1. Information Literacy on Green Narratives
  2. Media & the Future of Climate Action
  3. Youth & Sustainability
  4. Digital Carbon Footprint
  5. Climate Change & Human Health
  6. Green Meetings & Events
  7. Active Citizenship & Engagement in Environmental Activities
  8. Informal & Non-formal Training for Climate Action

These themes will be strategically merged into five distinct training modules. Each module will cover a broad yet interconnected range of topics, providing trainees with a well-rounded understanding of the issues and solutions related to environmental sustainability. To ensure that participants fully benefit from the training, they will be required to complete all five modules. Upon completion, they will receive a certificate of attendance, recognizing their efforts and newly acquired skills.

The anticipation for this training program is high, as it promises to equip youth workers with the tools and knowledge they need to become leaders in the field of environmental sustainability. These sessions will not only benefit the trainees but also the communities and organizations they represent.

Stay tuned to receive further updates as we approach the launch of the training sessions. We encourage everyone interested to consider joining our training sessions and becoming part of this impactful movement. Together, we can make a significant difference in promoting environmental sustainability and combating climate change on a global scale.