1st Transnational Partners Meeting in Athens

On April 23, 2024, in Athens, Greece, the 1st Transnational Partners Meeting of the GYM project took place. Hosted by Tia Formazione APS, the meeting began with a warm welcome to all participants, setting the tone for a day of productive discussions and idea sharing. Representatives from the Academy of Entrepreneurship led the introductory session, providing an overview of the project’s objectives and setting the agenda for the day.

Key highlights of the meeting included presentations and discussions on various aspects of the project and strategies for future steps. Tia Formazione APS led discussions on project summaries, worksheets, and administrative matters, while Organization Earth delved into quality standards and tools. Instituto IKIGAI provided updates on dissemination strategies, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and engagement.

The meeting also featured engaging discussions on risk management and next steps of the work package, led by Training Vision Ireland. Partners had the opportunity to share their perspectives, address challenges, and outline a path for future actions.

Partners gathered to discuss the next steps of the project, laying the groundwork for future activities and initiatives.

As a result, we are in the process of finalizing the T-Kits, which will serve as essential tools for educating Youth workers and young people not only in green thinking but also in green action. These kits will not only help them become more aware but also enable them to identify real-life strategies to implement in their daily lives to effect genuine change.

Our challenge is to start with small steps, small actions that will then bring about real change.

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